Health First Colorado (Medicaid) Adult Buy-In

What You Pay

If you get coverage through the Health First Colorado Buy-In Program For Working Adults With Disabilities (Medicaid Adult Buy-In), you may need to pay a monthly premium and copayments for certain services.


The monthly premium for the Medicaid Adult Buy-In is based on your countable income. The higher your income is, the higher your premium will be. The maximum premium is $200.

Use this tool to see your countable income and then check the table below to see how much your premium will be.

Your Countable Income:
Medicaid Adult Buy-In Premiums by Countable Income

If Your Countable Monthly Income Is:

Then Your Monthly Premium Is:

$0.00 - $486


$487- $1,616


$1,617 - $2,430


$2,431 - $3,645


$3,646 - $5,468


To get a better idea of whether you qualify for the Medicaid Adult Buy-In and how much your premium might be, use the Medicaid Adult Buy-In Estimator.

When Can My Premium Change?

If your income changes, your premium may also change. The Medicaid Adult Buy-In will review your eligibility and premium at least every 12 months. Depending on your situation, your premium could go up or down.

If your income, immigration status, residency, disability status, or household size changes, use Colorado PEAK's Report My Changes tool or let your county human services department know within 10 days of the change. You can do this in person, by phone, or by email.


If you have to pay a monthly premium to get the Medicaid Adult Buy-In, the state will send you a bill every month, which will tell how to pay. You can also pay online using Colorado PEAK, or in person at: 655 Bannock St., 1st Floor, Denver, Colorado, 80204.

If you miss a payment, you have 60 days to pay it, or you could lose your Medicaid Adult Buy-In coverage. Information about this is sent with the monthly bill.

If you have questions about billing, contact your county human services department or talk to a Medicaid Adult Buy-In expert at 1-800-711-6994.


Many services covered by Health First Colorado (Medicaid) have no copayments. For some services and prescription drugs, you may have to pay small copayments (usually $10 or less). The Health First Colorado (Medicaid) website explains copayment amounts.

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