Energy Assistance

Help with Winter Heating Bills

Low-Income Energy Assistance Program (LEAP)

As part of the federal Low-Income Home Energy Assistance Program (LIHEAP), Colorado LEAP helps pay heating bills for low-income Colorado residents during the winter "heating season" from November 1 to April 30. (For help with energy bills from May 1 to October 31, contact Energy Outreach Colorado.)

Note: In addition to help paying your winter heating bills, signing up for the LEAP program qualifies you for other energy assistance, like emergency repair or replacement of a broken heating system, upgrades to make your home more energy efficient, and other programs.

Who Can Get LEAP?

To qualify for LEAP benefits, you must:

  • Pay home heating costs either directly to a utility company, or to a landlord as part of your rent.
  • Be a Colorado resident and a citizen or permanent legal resident of the United States, or have a member of your household who is a U.S. citizen.
  • Have a total household income that's 60% of the state median income or less. (The Colorado Department of Human Services provides a chart of the current income limits under "Learn more about LEAP program eligibility.")
  • Provide copies of your valid identification (ID), like a driver's license or Colorado ID card.

How LEAP Works

If you are approved for the program, LEAP looks at your current income and your heating costs for last year, and then makes one lump-sum payment directly to your heating provider. The money helps pay some of the costs of heating your home throughout the heating season (applications are accepted November 1 to April 30). You can only get one LEAP payment in each heating season.

How to Apply

You can apply for Colorado LEAP:

  • Online through Colorado PEAK, or
  • By calling 1-866-HEAT-HELP (1-866-432-8435).

When you apply for LEAP:

  • Answer all the questions in each section of the application.
  • Sign the application.
  • Send it to the correct county LEAP office.
  • Attach a copy of your most recent heating bill.
    • Note: If you pay your heat as part of your rent, include a copy of your most recent rent receipt.
  • Include a readable copy of your valid photo ID.
  • List the birth dates and Social Security numbers (if they have them) for all members of your household.
  • Attach proof of all monthly household income, like copies of pay stubs, award letters, or loan documents.
  • If self-employed, include copies of receipts for all expenses claimed on your profit and loss statement.

It typically takes 10-25 days to process a LEAP application. If your heat is about to be shut off, your main heating system has stopped working, or you are running out of propane, be sure to tell this to LEAP so they can rush your application and process it within 10 days.


Jean lives paycheck to paycheck, with just enough money to get by, but nothing extra. Then she is laid off from her job. With no income and little savings, her bills start piling up. When winter starts, Jean has no idea how she is going to pay her monthly heating bills. She calls 1-866-HEAT-HELP (1-866-432-8435) and is told what she needs to do to apply for LEAP. Jean makes copies of the required documents, and applies online at Colorado PEAK. A few weeks later, Jean gets an approval letter saying $350 is being paid directly to her utility company.

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